Your Guide to Incredibly Useful 2016 Posts on the Gold Refiners Blog

The editorial team had a very busy 2016, writing a total of 45 blog posts on a variety of topics. Some posts contained only nuts-and-bolts advice on finding gold. Others covered politics and trends. And some were a little wacky. Yet we did our utmost to deliver practical, usable advice in every post we wrote.    

In today’s post, we’ll organize those 2016 posts by topic, so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for. Remember that all the post titles below are hypertext – just click on the title of the post you would like to read and it will open in a new browser window. 

Photo of 2016 and gold coins for the 2016 Guide to Gold Refiners blog posts. Credit: Pixfly/iStock.

Posts about Prospecting and Metallurgy

Get Rich with these Practical Lessons from the Biggest Gold Discoveries  

What Are the Best Cameras for Shooting Your Gold and Precious Metal Discoveries?    

Why It Is So Difficult to Find Buried Gold... and How to Do It Anyway  

Should You Buy Gold Scrap on eBay? 

Looking for Gold? Here Are the Scrapped Electronic Devices You Should Buy Today

Can a Drone Help You Find More Gold and Other Precious Metals? 

Modern Prospecting – The Secrets of Reclaiming Gold from Old Mines and Prospectors’ Claims

Should You Carry a Magnet When You Go Hunting for Gold? 

Does More Gold End Up in Dresser Drawers than Anywhere Else? 

How Much Gold Can You Find with a Metal Detector? Watch these Videos and Find Out

Can Gold Be Hardened? 

Posts about Politics and Trends

Will Ivanka Trump Usher in a New Gold Age in America? 

The Dirty, Horrible Tie between Human Trafficking and Gold Mining

Will Gold Prices Rise or Fall after the Presidential Election? 

Do Gold Prices Rise More Under Democratic or Republican Administrations? 

Would Gold Prices Rise More Under President Clinton or President Sanders? 

What Will Happen to Gold Prices if Donald Trump Becomes President? 

How Smart Gold Investors Profit from Unexpected Events

Start Your Own Recycling Company and Get Ready to Profit from the Biggest Gold Throw-Away in History

New Uses for Gold Point to Increasing Value in the Years Ahead

Four Resolutions that Can Make You Lots of Money in Gold in the New Year

Posts about Gold and Investing

Why Not Make Gold a Central Part of Your Investment Strategy? 

How to Eliminate the Middle Man and Get the Most Money for Your Gold Scrap

Gold, Your Steady Friend through Ups and Downs

How to Calculate the Value of Gold Pieces, Scraps and Bits

Can You Bring Gold into the U.S. Without Paying Duty or Taxes? 

A Fascinating History of Rose-Colored Gold from Sotheby’s Auction House

Contrarian Investing – Why Recycling Gold, Not Buying It, Is the Best Hedge against Brexit

Do You Have to Pay Income Tax when You Find Gold? 

Don’t Be Fooled by Gold on April Fool’s Day

Why Hiding Your Gold in Your Home is a Very Bad Idea   

Posts about Unusual Places to Look for Gold

Golden Musical Instruments: A Brief History of the White House’s Two Gold Pianos

Reflections in a Golden Toilet

Congratulations! You Just Won an Olympic Gold-Toned Medal Made of Base Metal

How Much Gold Is in the Hottest New Gadgets? 

What Are Your Chances of Finding Home Furnishings Made of Real Gold? 

Surprise! Old Watches Can Contain More Gold than You Expect

Could Gold Be Hiding Under that Plaster or Paint? 

How Much Gold Is in a Rare Book? Let’s Look at Three of Them to Find Out

Unusual Places to Buy Gold

“Bering Sea Gold” on the Discovery Channel Shows Us Another Source of Gold in Nature

Gold in the Great Religions

What the World’s Largest Golden Buddha Tells Us About Recycling Gold

What You Need to Know about Eating Gold

Be on the Lookout for Valuable Gold Alloys