How to Eliminate the Middle Man and Get the Most Money for Your Gold Scrap

Have you ever sold gold scrap – maybe small bits of jewelry, some old dental fillings and bars, or some filings you swept up from an old factory floor? If you have, chances are you have an experience like one of these...

You walked into a store that advertises that it buys gold, where someone behind a counter performed a quick test on what you brought in, told you what it was worth, and paid you on the spot. But do you know what? That person turned around and sold the gold for 25%, 40% or even 50% more than he paid you for it. After all, that’s how that business makes money.

You called a company that you found online, described what you had, and were told that based on your description, your gold “should be” worth a particular amount of money. So you sent it in and – guess what? – you got a song and dance about why your gold wasn’t worth nearly as much as what you had been told over the phone. So you shrugged and took what you were offered. Maybe it was just too much trouble to have that company send your gold back to you and start all over again. And guess what? You ended up getting that same 25%, 40% or 50% of what your gold was really worth.

There Is a Better Way

Selling your gold? Cut out the middleman and sell directly to a refiner and get paid more for your gold. Credit: slovegrove/iStock.

Selling your gold? Cut out the middleman and sell directly to a refiner and get paid more for your gold. Credit: slovegrove/iStock.

When you have gold to sell, you need to be talking to a company like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners. And we’re not making you an empty, hard sales pitch when we say that. There are some very solid reasons why we should be the company you choose to handle all your recycling and refining needs...

  • We have been in the business for decades, not weeks. Our reputation is your assurance that you will be paid what your gold is worth.
  • We have the best credentials and certifications in the business. We are longstanding members of the Jewelers Board of Trade, we have been rated by Dun & Bradstreet, and we are an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. Those credentials speak for themselves.
  • We don’t offer empty, worthless estimates over the phone or online. Instead, we explain how we will test your gold before we test it and tell you what it is worth, then give you the option of using our services or not. If you choose not to use our services, we return your undamaged gold to you.
  • In many cases, we can offer you complimentary shipping on gold items that you send to us for testing and evaluation. So when you call to ask for free advice on what you have and what your options are for recycling your gold, be sure to ask.

Ready to Talk to the Pros?

Give us a call today at 800-426-2344 and let us explain how the process works. Why give away that 25%, 40% or 50% of what your gold is worth to a middleman? The money your gold is worth belongs in your pocket, not theirs.

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