“Bering Sea Gold” on the Discovery Channel Shows Us Another Source of Gold in Nature

Do you like reality TV shows about fortune-hunters? If you do, you know the format. A colorful cast of rough-talking characters (usually guys with beards and the women who can put up with them) roam around looking for valuable things in pawn shops, in garages, and other interesting places.

Now “Bering Sea Gold,” another program in that format, shows colorful characters looking for gold in someplace new – on the ocean floor of the Bering Sea, just off Nome, Alaska. There’s gold out there on the sea floor? Apparently, there is a lot of it.

Credit: Tim Beers, Jr/Discovery Communications.

Credit: Tim Beers, Jr/Discovery Communications.

Lessons You Can Learn from “Bering Sea Gold”

When people think about looking for gold in Alaska, they usually think first of panning for gold in streambeds. “Bering Sea Gold” shows us that lots of adventurous gold-hunters are spending summers on the Bering Sea. Some are sending big robotic machines from beaches out through the surf to vacuum up sand and send it back to shore through giant hoses. Other treasure-hunters have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy huge ships equipped with dredges that go offshore, dig up and sift sand and – more often that you might expect – find gold.

How much gold? According to The Discovery Channel, one ocean-going rig was able to find 789 ounces of gold in just three weeks. The value? About $300,000. Is that a profitable enterprise? Possibly so, if the rig can continue to pull up gold at that rate and pay the owners back for what they spent on equipment.

Should You Look for Gold in the Bering Sea?

Of course you can get into the action in Alaska by investing $300,000 or more for the machinery you need to collect and sift through sand. (Other expensive ways to look for gold in Alaska include buying an old mine or the rights to an old claim and bringing in new equipment to work it.)

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money to get started, you can still go hunting for gold. You can look for it outdoors with a metal detector, indoors at antique stores and estate sales, and in old factories and industrial sites. You can get started today and the odds are very good you will find items made of gold or gold alloys. You might never star on a reality TV program, but if you find some gold that can put cash into your pocket, do you really care? And if you really want to look like a reality TV star you can always grow a scraggly beard – or learn to love a man who has one.

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