How Much Gold Can You Find with a Metal Detector? Watch these Videos and Find Out

Shown: hobbyist with a metal detector searching for gold, silver and other precious metals which Specialty Metals can refine and recycle.

If you’ve been hesitating about buying a metal detector, we’d like you to watch the videos we’re posting here today. They will convince you that those people you’ve seen using metal detectors at beaches and parks aren’t just poking around. They’re out there finding lost items that our precious metals recycling company can turn into cash for you.

So sit back, enjoy watching, and learn how you can make some serious money in your spare time.

Video One:  Enthusiasts Find a Gold Pocket Watch

We like the way this video captures the adventurous side of using a metal detector to hunt for old metal items. The finds range from not too exciting (some base metal coins and lead bullets) to the very exciting (a big old gold pocket watch). The treasure hunters in the video never get discouraged and in the end, their perseverance pays off.

Video Two: An Enthusiast Shows off His 2015 Discoveries

In this video, a metal detector enthusiast named Jimmy Maya shows what he found last year. It’s pretty impressive. There are gold engagement and wedding rings, gold chains, gold class rings, a lot of silver items too, and even an old pistol.


Video Three: Finding Gold on a Beach

This video does a great job of showing what it’s like to use a metal detector to hunt for gold on a rocky beach. The hunter finds an 18k gold religious medal on a 14k chain, a 1953 10k gold class ring, and lots more. Be sure to watch how he uses his detector to pinpoint the exact location of metals and separate them from surrounding sand and clay.


Video Four: If You’re Ready to Buy a Detector

Here’s a short video that provides quick reviews of 10 different detectors – many of them good choices for first-time users.

And When You Find Gold . . .

Call us at 800-426-2344 and we’ll tell you how to send your discoveries to us for testing. Mention today’s blog post and ask about the discounted or free shipping we offer for items that are sent to us for testing. 

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