Looking for Gold? Here Are the Scrapped Electronic Devices You Should Buy Today

When I visited tourist sites four or five years ago, the majority of people I saw were toting small handheld digital cameras. When I happened to walk the High Line (a very popular tourist destination in Manhattan) a few weeks ago, I don’t think I saw a single digital camera. Everybody was using smartphones to take pictures. What happened to all those digital cameras? I guess they’re collecting dust in dresser drawers.

My eyes weren’t fooling me. Just a little hunting online confirms that what I saw reflects a real trend in the marketplace. According to the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), total sales of digital cameras fell a whopping 20% between 2015 and 2016. And if you dig a little further and look at more statistics, you will discover that people are generally buying fewer small point-and-shoot cameras, which don’t offer much better image quality than smartphones do. At the same time, sales of digital SLRs and other higher-end digital cameras that are favored by serious and professional photographers are holding steadier. But this could be a very good time to buy up and recycle older, smaller digital cameras. After all, they contain gold that can be extracted profitably in our precious metals labs.

What Other Electronic Devices Are Piling Up?

Lots of electronic devices are going out of style or being replaced by newer, more advanced models. Just a few weeks ago, the last VCR that will ever be made was boxed up and shipped out. Twenty years ago, hundreds of thousands of VCRs were being made, and now they have gone away. Each of them contained small amounts of gold and gold alloys in their printed circuit boards that a qualified precious metals refiner can extract profitably.

But what other electronic devices that contain gold are becoming available in large numbers? Here’s a list:

Photo of scrap remote control devices and electronics, which contain gold, silver, and platinum which Gold Refiners, part of Specialty Metals Smelters and refiners, can help you recycle profitably.
  • CD and DVD players and computer drives are being scrapped now that content is being streamed and stored online
  • Older computer tablets are being replaced by newer models
  • Cellphones and smartphones of many kinds are being replaced by newer models
  • Older desktop computers and peripherals such as external drives, modems, and monitors are just not needed anymore
  • Game consoles, which consumers tend to replace every three or four years, are piling up
  • Older plug-in GPS units for automobiles, which many drivers are tossing in favor of the GPS apps on their phones, are not too popular anymore
  • Older handheld remote control devices that were used to operate televisions, cable boxes, and other devices
  • Onboard automobile computers and printed circuit boards are hiding in scrapped cars
  • Older flat screen TVs are getting swapped for more advanced new models
  • Older medical testing devices, even MRI and CRT machines, are getting scrapped and replaced by newer equipment

How to Make Money by Collected Unwanted Older Devices

Here are some strategies that people are using to acquire older electronic devices. They’re:

  • Running ads or putting up posters that announce that they buy unwanted cellphones, remotes and other devices
  • Putting collection boxes in stores to collect phones and smaller electronics to benefit charities
  • Partnering with automobile scrap yards to harvest onboard computers and other electronic units
  • Speaking with the administration of hospitals, testing centers, medical labs, and other healthcare facilities to find ways to acquire unwanted equipment
  • Negotiating with schools and colleges and arranging to buy – or simply haul away – unwanted computers and equipment

When you acquire a quantity of those devices, give us a call at 800-426-2344. We can test them for you, extract the gold they contain, and issue you payment at current market prices. Remember, there is money hiding in all those unwanted older devices… money that could be yours if you take a few simple steps to become a modern gold prospector.

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