Will Ivanka Trump Usher in a New Gold Age in America?

Ivanka Trump, the glamourous daughter of our new President-elect, is wealthy enough to wear just about anything she would like.

And what does she wear? Gold jewelry, of course, and items of clothing that look like gold. The question is, will she wear it so often, and so visibly, that she will trigger a new demand for the precious metal and cause gold trading prices to rise?

We don’t know for certain, but here is how we know that Ivanka, our future presidential first daughter, has a strong affinity for the precious metal. She shows it off in many ways.

Her Line of Jewelry Offers an Exceptionally Large Number of Gold Items

If you go to Ivankatrumpfinejewelry.com, you will see tasteful rings, bracelets, pendants and other items of jewelry that are made of 18k and other gold alloys. You won’t find any cheaply plated items – we’re not talking about costume jewelry here. Ivanka can afford the best, and she wants to sell you the best too.

Will Ivanka Trump usher in a new “gold rush?” Shown: Ivanka Trump Itpinksy 710 Gold Embossed Snake Pumps.

Will Ivanka Trump usher in a new “gold rush?” Shown: Ivanka Trump Itpinksy 710 Gold Embossed Snake Pumps.

The Shoes She Designs Often Glitter with Golden Accents

If you check out the Ivanka Trump shoes that are being sold at Nordstrom and other retailers, you will see that a lot of them glitter with gold-toned accents. The shoes are not made of pure gold, of course, but they clearly convey the message that gold is good, beautiful and desirable. They offer another indication that she could influence a resurgence in America’s romance with gold.

What about Golden Dresses?

We spent time looking online at Ivanka’s line of dresses and found – surprisingly – that they do not rely heavily on gold tones or fabrics. Maybe wearing gold jewelry and shoes is enough? But we should remember that Ivanka spends more time in gold-decorated buildings than most of us ever will. Trump Tower in New York sparkles with gold-toned accents, plus there are all those gold-decorated Trump hotels and posh residential buildings.

In sum, Ms. Trump could well cause increased interest in gold, and increased demand for the precious metal. This could be a good time to hold onto your current gold holdings to see whether the Ivanka effect exerts itself. When you are ready to extract the gold from your gold-plated and other items, give Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners a call at 800-426-2344. We’re here to help you make more money from your gold items.

And What about Political Marketing?

Recently, Ms. Trump made an appearance on “60 Minutes” wearing a piece of jewelry that she sells – a bracelet that costs $10,800. That didn’t seem to bother anyone. But then afterwards, her jewelry company sent out an email to fashion writers explaining what the bracelet was and what it cost.

That follow-up caused some backlash, and Ms. Trump’s jewelry company issued an apology. It appears that using political activities to market merchandise is off-limits, at least for now. But who knows? After Mr. Trump becomes president, his televised press conferences could be followed by ads that say, “The tie worn by President Trump is a Donald Trump tie, available for $69.99.”

New rules are being written, and that could be one of them. And it could well be that Ivanka Trump’s love of gold could spark new interest from consumers who would like to own more of the precious metal.

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