Eliminate the Middle Man and Get More $$$ for Old Gold Jewelry

If you have a small quantity of old jewelry, you’re not alone. Many people have dresser drawers or old jewelry boxes that contain a jumble of chains, cufflinks, pins, rings, and even small bits and pieces like earring clasps.

If you have items like that lying around, you’re probably stalling about figuring out exactly what you have. It’s all just costume jewelry, right, so why hurry? And determining what you have is going to take a lot of time and work, right? You’ll have to find a store that buys gold, get in your car, and drive there. And then you’ll probably learn that all those little gold items are only worth a few bucks – hardly enough to pay for your gas.

We Have a Solution for You

Photo of gold dollar signs that symbolizes how you can get big dollars from small quantities of gold scrap at GoldRefiners.com, part of Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

If you have that kind of mixed bag we’re writing about, pick up the phone and call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners today, at 800-426-2344. Tell us what you have and send it to us. We’ll test it for you and reply with an honest analysis and determination of value. And chances are quite good that we can offer you free or discounted shipping when you send your items to us to be tested.

How is that for easy?

Eliminate the Middle Man

When you call Specialty Metals, you’ll be off to a great start - dealing directly with a top gold recycler and refiner. We’re not like those “We Buy Gold” stores where you deal with middlemen who buy your gold for as small a sum as possible, then sell it to a refiner or recycler for a profit. How much is your gold worth? Is it costume jewelry, gold alloy or karat gold? How much did you own? You will never really know, because you are dealing with multiple middlemen, each of whom gets a piece of the real dollar value of what you own.

Call Specialty Metals and deal directly with us. You’ll know exactly what you own, know you have been treated honestly, and receive fair market value for your gold at current trading prices.

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