Hallelujah! Gold Prices Could Soon Bottom Out

Did the headline of today’s post make you think, “That headline must be a mistake… why would anybody be happy if gold prices fell into the basement?”

But there might be reasons for gold traders to rejoice if gold prices fall. We will explore some of them in today’s post.

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First, Where Are Prices Headed?

Not even the “experts” really know. However, some gold speculators have recently been saying that gold prices could soon start to fall. Some have even said that prices could fall $400 in the next few years and hit a theoretical low price of about $700. But some investors are also saying that there is nothing so bad about gold hitting the lowest possible price, if it then starts to rebound.

A little context is needed. If you bought a lot of gold at its current price or at even higher prices, you are not going to be happy about the possibility that the value of your gold could soon fall. Will you get your money back? Yes, almost certainly, but if gold prices really do hit bottom and then rise slowly, you can expect to wait quite a while until you can profit when you sell your gold.

Where the Sweet Spot of Opportunity Lies

Two different groups of individuals could stand to profit if gold prices do fall and then rebound…

  • Investors who wait and buy gold if and when prices hit bottom. They will obviously profit. People who buy any investment at its low point and watch it rebound always stand to make a profit. When is the right time to buy gold? Our best advice is to visit our Specialty Metals website often to monitor trading prices. If they really do spiral down to $700.00 in the years to come, consider buying gold at that time.
  • Investors who collect scrap and recyclable gold now and wait. If you review past posts on this blog, you will get a comprehensive education on where and how to acquire scrap gold at advantageous prices. When you acquire recyclable gold from the sources we have written about – such as old eyeglass frames and used plating tanks and sputtering targets – you are already buying gold at below-market prices. (You could also have us recycle your gold scrap and issue your payment now, before prices fall.)

And another investing suggestion…

Why not call one of our gold recycling consultants today at 800-426-2344 and set up a Specialty Metals Gold Pool Account? The beauty of our account is that you can send us your scrap gold now and we tell you how many ounces of recyclable gold it contains. You then issue us instructions to recycle it and pay you when prices hit a level you state.

The Gold Pool Account doesn’t specify whether you will receive payment for your gold in six months, one year, or even three years. What it does mean is that you can reliably lock in how much money you will get for your gold when prices reach the point you specify.

How many other investments offer you that kind of assured return? Call 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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