Will King Tut Put Gold in YOUR Pocket?

King Tut has been making the news again lately. That’s quite an achievement for a boy king who has been dead for about 3,000 years.

What’s the news?

A group of archaeologists from Italy are about to take advanced imaging equipment into Tut’s tomb – equipment that can “see” through 40 feet of solid rock and take images – to determine whether there are additional chambers in the tomb that haven’t yet been explored.

Shown: the golden funerary mask of King Tut, which would never recycle and refine! We turn scrap, not treasure, into profits.

Shown: the golden funerary mask of King Tut, which would never recycle and refine! We turn scrap, not treasure, into profits.

Why should there be more chambers that haven’t yet been discovered? Because at least one notable Egyptian royal, Queen Nefertiti, could be buried nearby. She was, after all, King Tut’s mother, and why wouldn’t she want to be buried next to a son who was such a high achiever? Also, Tut’s dad was none other than Akhenaten, and he might have wanted to get in on the action too.

King Tut Spurs Advances in Imaging Technology

The development of equipment that can take images through 40 feet of rock must be good news for treasure-hunters everywhere. Of course, you’re not going to be able to buy a metal detector that can do that yet, and possibly not for years to come. But as we know, technology does trickle down faster than most of us expect: many treasure hunters are already using drones to search for gold.

And there is still more new technology – advanced scanning equipment that can be mounted on airplanes and that can “see” what is buried 40 feet underground. In fact, other scientists (not the Italians apparently) are flying airplanes that have been equipped with that equipment over the storied Valley of the Kings in Egypt, looking for other tombs. Since that valley was the locale where Egyptians liked to bury their dead monarchs, chances are pretty good they will find something.

Find Stuff Underground?

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