How Much Gold Is Hiding in Cemeteries and Burial Sites?

If you use a powerful metal detector to search for precious metals in a cemetery near where you live, what will happen? One result of your search will be that the local police will arrive and take you away, because you are acting like a grave robber. But in the 10-15 minutes before that happens, chances are that your metal detector will be recording a lot of “finds.”

You see, cemeteries contain a lot of metals – some precious, some not. Metal detectors are sure to discover lead coffins, metal ornaments on coffins and lots of other items made of non-precious metals. In the realm of precious metals, detectors could point the way to the location of rings, watches, brooches and other items of jewelry that were interred with their owners, even though those items could be located too far underground for your detector to find. Needless to say, those items are off-limits to you and all other honest seekers of old gold.

What about Ancient Burial Sites?

Even though you wouldn’t want to root around in cemeteries looking for gold, there is little doubt that gold treasures are still “out there” waiting to be discovered in burial sites around the world. You won’t discover such treasures in North America – or at least it is unlikely. However, it is logical to believe that some may still be awaiting discovery in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

One such discovery, the so-called Varna Necropolis, was made in 1972 in Varna, Bulgaria when an excavating company uncovered a burial site that included nearly 300 graves dating from about 5,000 B.C.  

The vast quantity of beautifully wrought gold items found there made the Varna Necropolis newsworthy at the time. In fact, it still ranks as one of the most remarkable discoveries of ancient gold anywhere. Here are just a few statistics . . .

  • More than 3,000 gold artifacts were discovered, weighing a total of about 13.5 pounds.
  • One grave alone yielded 990 gold objects.
  • Some of the objects found were extremely unusual. One appeared to be a gold boomerang. Another was a mysterious large ceramic disk that had been coated with gold.

Can You Profit from the Gold You Find?

In most cases, you cannot expect to take ownership of gold items that you find in burial sites. They have archaeological significance. However, other laws and protocols could apply to gold that you find in other locations like fields, parks, sunken ships and your own property.

There’s no doubt that finding buried treasure remains a dream for many people. If it is your dream, keep our phone number handy: 800-426-2344. Call us and we will be happy to help you turn your golden discovery into cash.

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