Inexpensive New Thermal Cameras Let Treasure-Hunters See Through Walls

There have been stories in the news lately about the possibility that Queen Nefertiti’s burial chamber might be located right next to King Tutankhamen’s. Archaeologists have been using advanced sonar and thermal cameras to check it out, and further tests could be happening soon, using advanced thermal scanning technology.

Looking Through Walls

The ability to see through walls is a vital skill too for modern treasure hunters who are looking for gold, gold alloy and other precious metals hidden in the walls of old houses, factories, and other structures. And looking through and behind walls is no longer something out of science fiction, thanks to new, relatively inexpensive thermal imaging cameras you can buy right now.

A dog may be man's best friend, but you can also use the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera to hunt for more valuable hidden treasure behind walls in homes and buildings.

A dog may be man's best friend, but you can also use the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera to hunt for more valuable hidden treasure behind walls in homes and buildings.

Many of these cameras have been developed for use by home contractors who need to locate electrical wires and pipes behind the walls of buildings they are renovating. But in the hands of a treasure hunter, they can also show the locations of safes and storage boxes filled with old gold coins and bullion, gold jewelry and more that have been concealed behind walls and under floors, often by previous owners and occupants long gone.

Cameras You Can Buy Today

Here are some cameras you might want to consider adding to your toolbox of treasure-hunting equipment along with your metal detector and your drone. All are available from and other electronics retailers.

  • Seek Reveal handheld digital imager – This small self-contained infrared camera takes digital images indoors or outdoors and stores them on an internal SD card. List price: about $400.
  • FLIR One Digital Imager for iPhone or Android smartphones – These brilliantly designed devices snap onto the back of smartphones and let them function as handheld infrared imagers. You can save the images you take alongside the other pictures on your phone. List price: about $500.
  • Seek Reveal for IOs and Android smartphones – This low-cost device does most of what the Seek Reveal handheld imager does, but at a lower price. It’s a small, camera-top infrared camera that plugs into your phone’s port. List price: about $180.
  • FLIR TG165 Spot Digital Imaging Camera – This handheld imaging camera with a pistol grip takes and stores high-quality thermal images. List price: about $350.
  • Perfect-Prime Infrared Digital Imager – Like the FLIP TG165, this handheld unit takes and stores thermal images. It will also take regular digital pictures of the area you are working in – not a bad idea. List price: About $300.

Something Not to Do with Your New Thermal Imaging Camera

You can point your new thermal imaging camera at a friend and get a rough image of him or her wearing nothing but underwear. You can also take a strange selfie of yourself wearing only your underwear too. But if you really want a picture of yourself wearing nothing but underwear, you don’t really need to invest in a thermal imaging camera, do you? (For that, why not use one of the cameras we talk about in our post, Packable Cameras for Shooting Your Gold and Precious Metal Finds.

Point it at walls and find hidden stuff instead. And when you do, call our precious metals refining experts at 800-426-2344. We will be happy to explain how we can quickly test the items you have found and get full market value for the precious metals they contain.

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