Is There Hidden Treasure in Your Home?

If you own an old house, there is a pretty good chance that a previous occupant hid something valuable in it. People conceal valuables to hide them from thieves and from their own family members. Sometimes they hide cash they have earned to avoid paying income tax on it. Sometimes they even hide things that they have stolen.

And some people hide really valuable things, like $7 million worth of old gold coins. Walter Samaszko Jr. did that. After he died in 2012, police found all that gold stashed in his house in Carson City, NV. Why did Samaszko hoard and hide all that gold? Neighbors described him as an “anti-government recluse.” He had only $200 in a bank account.

Places Precious Metals Could Be Hidden in Your Home

Shown: a woman searching for lost gold jewelry in the seat cushions of her couch, after reading our post on Gold, part of Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

In most cases, hiding places meet two requirements. First, they must be out-of-the-way. Second, they must be accessible so that the gold coins, gold jewelry and other valuable goods can be retrieved. If you own an older home, here are some places to look.

Inside the house . . .

  • Under floorboards or stair steps that can be pried up easily.
  • Behind loose bricks in basement walls, fireplaces and other masonry.
  • In heating and air conditioning supply ducts (unscrew grates and reach in to search for hidden items).
  • Above dropped ceilings in closets or behind false wall panels.
  • Over panels in dropped ceilings.
  • Under cement patches in basement floors or walls (look for uneven surfaces).
  • In small spaces behind water heaters, furnaces or even appliances like washing machines.
  • Under kitchen counters and behind cabinet drawers.
  • Behind light fixtures and switches and outlets.
  • Behind walls in places where pipes emerge from walls.

Outside the house . . .

  • Buried in metallic containers.
  • Under pavers, slates, flagstones and large stones.
  • In old items stored in outbuildings (check out old toolboxes, suitcases, cans, gardening equipment).
  • Under porches and exterior stairs.

A Metal Detector Can Help Your Search

A metal detector can help find hidden metals that have been buried or hidden under flagstones and floorboards. The right models are designed to find gold and gold alloys. If you search online, you should be able to find a rental center near you that rents metal detectors. Or if you are really serious about combing your property for hidden items, consider buying a metal detector of your own. Some well-reviewed models cost less than $200.

Find Something? Call Us!

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