Is Men’s Jewelry about to Make a Comeback in the Trump Era?

Before his foray into politics, Donald J. Trump had his own line of jewelry that was marketed under the Donald Trump brand. His branded items included tie bars, watches, cufflinks, and more. If you look on eBay, you will find a lot of them.

Does that mean that men’s jewelry is posed to make a comeback during the Trump presidency? We don’t know for certain, but it could well be.

Will the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection watch be worth more as a collectible or melted down for gold scrap? Only time will tell.

Will the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection watch be worth more as a collectible or melted down for gold scrap? Only time will tell.

Whether that happens or not, it is still smart to keep your eyes open for popular items of men’s jewelry from years past, many of which you can easily find on eBay, at antique stores and malls, and in estate sales.

Bear in mind that some of the items you discover could be made of karat gold, others gold alloy, or just shiny golden metal. Whatever you find, call Specialty Metals at 800-426-2344, tell us about what you have, and let us explain how to send it to our testing labs for evaluation.

A Quick List of Items to Look for

Let’s list some popular men’s jewelry, starting with the heaviest items that are likely to contain the largest quantity of recyclable gold.

Rings – Over the years, men have worn all kinds of gold rings - heavy big ones with onyx and other stones, elegant smaller gold pinkie rings, and much more. They were among the most popular kind of jewelry worn by men, and therefore among the most commonly found today. Try looking for them in the display windows at pawn shops, but bear in mind that pawn brokers are professionals and will almost always recognize and keep valuable gold items instead of selling them at low prices. You are more likely to find valuable pieces at estate sales and junkshops.

Chains – Look for gold neck chains, bracelets and chains for pocket watches. Over the years, lots of very inexpensive gold-toned chains have been made. Their sheer quantity means that real karat gold chains sometimes get mixed in with them in antique stores and junkshops. If you can buy a mixed lot of chains that look like gold for only a few dollars, our advice is to buy first and then send it to us for testing afterwards.

Watches – How can you make the most money buying old gold watches? It gets a bit complicated. Some gold watches from highly valued watchmakers are worth a lot because of their status as collectibles. But there are many other old watches from lower-end makers that have karat gold or gold-filled cases. Their metallic value far outweighs their collectible value, so be on the lookout for them at auctions and estate sales.

Tie tacks and pins and tuxedo shirt studs – These small items, which were often made of karat gold in years past, can be worth a lot more money than you might expect. You will need a quantity of them before we can recycle them for you. But it is still worth your time to buy them and call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners to learn how we can test them for you.

Do You Have Items of Jewelry that Could Be Gold?

Call Specialty Metals at 800-426-2344 to learn how to recycle them profitably.

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