Can You Find Hidden Gold in Auctioned Cars, Trains, Boats and Planes?

Have you heard that a few men in Poland claim to have found a train that the Nazis hid in a tunnel at the end of World War II? It’s a story that’s been in the news lately, although rumors of Nazi gold always seem to be surfacing. Their only problem is that they think that the train might also be stuffed with armaments, poison gas canisters and other nasty stuff, so if they choose to reveal where the train is, they’re going to need some help to open it up. Apparently when evil people hide stuff, they do it in evil ways.

That report makes us think about all the stories that have circulated over the years about gold hidden in boats, cars and airplanes that were formerly owned by drug dealers, smugglers and other bad people. So, what are the odds that you really can buy a car or boat at an auction and find gold in a hidden compartment? Not very good. But if you’re determined to give it a try, here’s some of the best advice we have heard on the topic.

Is this government seized vehicle hiding a hoard of gold coins? Image Copyright PA, courtesy of DailyMail(dot)CO(dot)UK.

Is this government seized vehicle hiding a hoard of gold coins? Image Copyright PA, courtesy of DailyMail(dot)CO(dot)UK.

Yes, Various Government Agencies Do Auction Boats, Planes and Cars

Some of the most common, easy-to-find auctions are conducted by the IRS, which liquates property that was seized from individuals and companies that owed back taxes. You can find those auctions listed at, but the vehicles listed are unlikely to contain hidden valuables. In addition, the General Services Administration (GSA) auctions off used fleet cars, boats and trucks that the government no longer needs. Because drug dealers or smugglers didn’t own those vehicles, you’re not going to find hidden treasures in them either. We’re talking about Oldsmobiles, not Bentleys.

Beware of Online Companies that Offer to Direct You to Auctions of Seized Cars

If you look online for auctions of drug dealers’ cars, you’ll find a lot of companies that offer to provide you with “secret” or “inside” lists of government auctions where you can buy seized Ferraris and other exotic cars for pennies on the dollar. Don’t believe them – they’re only going to take your money and send you a list of government auctions that you can easily find online.

You Stand a Better Chance of Finding Valuable Stuff in Non-Auction Cars and Boats

We’re not saying the chances are good that you will find gold or other valuables hidden in cars that are sitting on used car lots or in used boats that you find in boatyards or listed on eBay. We’re simply saying that you are more likely to find valuables in them than in cars and boats that are being auctioned by law-enforcement agencies. There’s a simple reason – when the government seizes cars and boats from drug dealers or smugglers, law-enforcement officials search them thoroughly before putting them on the block. They’re looking for drugs and hidden currency before selling them.

The Bottom Line Is . . .

You’re more likely to find a batch of gold coins hidden in an old car in a garage than at a government auctions. Of course if you do find hidden gold coins, bullion or other precious metals and want to know what they’re worth, give us a call at 800-426-2344. We’ll be pleased to talk to you about your discovery and explain how you can send it to us for testing. Be sure to mention this blog post and ask about free or discounted shipping.

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