How to Add Ancient Gold Coins to Your Investment Portfolio at Surprisingly Low Cost

Have you ever visited a museum and marveled at the ancient gold coins on display? You might have seen some with the images of Julius Caesar, Ptolemy, Alexander the Great, or even Pontius Pilate. Chances are that you looked at them in and thought, “This stuff must be extremely rare – it’s for museums, not private collectors like me.”

It’s logical to think that way, but actually incorrect. You see, emperors like Caesar were not only in the business of conquering new countries. They were also in the business of minting coins – hundreds of thousands of them, in fact. When they conquered a new territory, they started minting coins to be used by the people they had recently subjugated.

Should you add this Rare Byzantine gold coin minted in about A.D. 582 to your investment portfolio? Courtesy of Forvm Ancient Coins.

Should you add this Rare Byzantine gold coin minted in about A.D. 582 to your investment portfolio? Courtesy of Forvm Ancient Coins.

The surprising result? It is not hard to find and buy genuine, certified ancient gold coins. When you do, you invest in gold or other coins that have double value: first as rare metals and second, as collectible investments that stand a very good chance of appreciating in value.

How Can You Buy Ancient Gold Coins?

You can visit rare coin dealers. But we have a way that we prefer, which is to go online and visit Forum Ancient Coins, a highly respected dealer in ancient coins. The company’s website is highly educational, easy to navigate, and jam-packed with images of thousands of magnificent ancient coins that you can buy at surprisingly low prices.

Some Gold Coins We Found

Here is just a small selection of the ancient gold coins available from Forum. Incidentally, there are also thousands of ancient collectible coins made from silver, bronze and other metals.

  • A gold coin minted by the Byzantine Emperor Tiberius in about A.D. 582. (Shown above). It has a portrait of the Emperor on one side and an angel on the other. Gold content: 3.390 grams. Price: $1,650.00.
  • A gold coin minted by Constans II in about 650 A.D. to commemorate his conquest of part of southern Italy. Both sides are stamped with beautiful images. Weight: 4.355 grams. Price: $850.00.
  • A gold coin minted in the Greek province of Ionia in about 600 A.D. Both sides are deeply stamped with fascinating, mysterious geometric patterns. Weight: 0.296 grams. Price: $800.00.
  • A gold coin minted in Constantinople in about 1028 A.D. by Romanus III. It has a magnificent image of the Virgin Mary on one side. Weight: 4.379 grams. Price: $760.00.
  • A gold coin minted in Phokaia, Ionia, between 487 and 326 B.C. One side shows a classical man’s head wearing a laurel wreath. Weight: 2.54 grams. Price: $700.00.
  • An unstruck gold disk of uncertain origin. The experts at Forum Rare Coins believe that it came from a mint in Persia or Asia Minor, but was never made into a coin. Fascinating to own. Weight: 8.317 grams. Price: $680.00.
  • Bear in Mind . . .

Ancient gold coins are just what the name says . . . ancient. At most dealers, they have not been tested and do not have karat gold classifications. Ancient gold coins are generally not pure 24k gold, but an alloy with a lower karat rating. If you acquire some interesting old coins, we can test them for you and determine their gold content without damaging them or affecting their value. Call us at 800-426-2344 to learn more and be sure to ask about free or discounted shipping when you send your treasures to us for evaluation.

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