Now’s the Time to Help Older Relatives Raise Money before the Holidays

If you have older relatives who are feeling blue because it will be so expensive to buy holiday presents this season, here is a suggestion.

Why not encourage them to recycle any precious metal items that they have on hand now? They could get a check from us just in time to take the sting out of holiday shopping.

As this photo shows, now is the time to talk to goldrefiners about turning the gold items lying around your house into money to pay for holiday shopping.

Here’s a quick checklist that you can share with your mom, dad, aunt or uncle to help them identify unwanted items that can be recycled with the services of a qualified precious metals recycler like us.

  • Silver and silver-plated tableware – There can be a lot of value hidden in mixed lots of old knives, forks and spoons that haven’t been used for years.
  • Metal picture frames – Some of them are actually made of pure silver. Others are made of base metals plated with silver and in come cases, gold. They are well worth examining closely.
  • Old trophies, medals, religious items and awards - In earlier decades, it was not uncommon for many of them to be made from silver, gold-plated silver, or other precious metals – even platinum. They are often small, but their dollar value might not be.
  • Unwanted piece of jewelry – Rings, pins, bracelets, watches, chains, and other items can be worth a great deal of money.
  • Old bridges, caps and unused dental appliances – It might surprise you to learn that your relative has kept such items, but sometimes people do. They intend to recycle them someday. Maybe that “someday” should be today.
  • Deskware, including paperweights, pen and pencil holders, and letter openers – Such items, often engraved, were once given often as incentives and awards. They could be hiding in plain sight on your relative’s desk, mantle, or bookshelves.
  • Lighters, cigarette and cigar cases, and other smoker’s paraphernalia – Several decades ago when many people smoked, these items were produced in great quantities and often given as gifts. It is extremely unlikely that they are being used today, so now is the time to send them to a qualified precious metals refinery for recycling.

It’s Easier than Ever Before to Find Out How Much Items Are Worth

If you have located any of the above items, you can sit down with your relative and give us a call at 800-426-2344. It will be a fun call, and potentially a profitable one too. One of our expert consultants will be happy to speak with you confidentially and give you an estimate of what your precious metals could be worth.

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