Raising Funds for Holiday Shopping: Why Not Get Family, Friends and Neighbors Looking for Precious Metals to Recycle?

This is a time of year when everyone could use a little extra cash, right? Or maybe a lot of extra cash would be even better.

Shown: a kitchen filled with buried treasure - precious metal bearing appliances, silverware and more, that can be recycled profitably by Gold Refiners.com, a part of Specialty Metals.

So here’s a suggestion. Why not get together with your relatives, friends and neighbors, search for precious metals in your homes, and then send them to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners? The result could be a nice big check, just in time to make everyone’s holiday shopping a lot more exciting and fun.

Why search for precious metals with other people, instead of on your own? There are some great reasons. First, it is motivating and fun to start a shared precious-metals search. Second, you will end up with a larger quantity of items to recycle, which makes it more likely that we here at Specialty Metals can quickly recycle them promptly and send you a check. Third, you could end up discovering valuable items that you would have overlooked otherwise; when other people suddenly discover a silver plate or an old pair of eyeglass frames in their homes, you could suddenly remember that you own similar items too.

Here’s a Checklist

Here’s a checklist of precious metal-bearing items that are found in many homes.

Old items of jewelry . . .

Remember that even in a batch of what appears to be nothing but costume jewelry, there could be a few items hiding that are made of 14K, 18K or even 24K gold.

Old silverware and tableware . . .

It could be either pure sterling or silver-plated. Either way, it could be well worth recycling.

Old eyeglass frames . . .

As we have noted on this blog before, eyeglass frames that were made before about 1970 are often “gold-filled” rather than “gold-plated.” That means that they contain a much greater quantity of gold.

Trophies, commemoratives . . .

Newer items generally do not contain enough silver or gold to recycle. Older items, however, usually contain far greater quantities of precious metals.

Coin collections . . .

If they’ve been set aside for years, the chances are pretty good that you will find a quantity of silver or even gold coins that are worth recycling.

Mantle clocks, pen sets, cigarette cases, lighters and other old-fashioned decorative items . . .

Not that many years ago, it was common for small decorative items to be made of silver or – sometimes – plated with gold.

Form a Team, Start Looking, then Call to Tell Us what You Found

We are always available to discuss the precious metal treasures you have found. Call us at 800-426-2344 when you are ready.

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