Can Modern Alchemists Turn Base Metals into Gold?

Common wisdom says that medieval alchemists were kooky pseudo-scientists who wasted their time trying to turn base metals into gold. But now it seems that alchemists were not all charlatans or hopeless dreamers. Over the last century, scientists have demonstrated that turning base elements into gold really is possible, and that alchemists could have done it too if they had possessed nuclear reactors. And there are other modern people who call themselves alchemists too, as we recently discovered.

Modern Alchemy: Hantaro Nagaoka Turns Mercury into Gold in 1924

In 1924, a legendary and much-honored Japanese physicist named Hantaro Nagaoka directed nuclear energy at a mercury isotope and extracted gold from it. He may well have been the first true alchemist in history. That same process can be reliably replicated many times in modern reactors, as this fascinating video documents. The problem? At present, the process is costly, and the quantity of gold produced is too small to be profitable. (If you want to spend upwards of $2,000 to produce a few cents’ worth of gold, this is the way to go.)


Modern Alchemy: The Blue Eagle Alchemy Project Claims to Extract Gold from Surplus Glass Bottles

A company called Blue Eagle Refiners Inc. claims to have developed a way to extract quantities of pure gold from recycled glass bottles. The bottles are ground into a fine powder, chemicals are added and the mixture is heated in a microwave oven. Blue Eagle, which is currently seeking financing for a start-up, states that the process produces enough gold to be commercially viable. The whole story is documented on this video.


So, Will Modern Alchemist Entrepreneurs Become Billionaires?

We have to admit that it could be possible – perhaps remotely possible – for a new generation of alchemists to profitably turn base materials into gold. We'd even settle for gold alloys. But while we are waiting for that to happen, let’s not overlook proven, reliable ways to reclaim gold from recycled electronic scrap, dental scrap, industrial powders, sputtering targets and other gold-bearing materials. If that’s what you have on hand, call one of our precious metals consultants at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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