All Signs Point to Gold Bullion as a Great Year-End Investment

Gold bullion offers one of our favorite precious metal investments.

If you read that last sentence, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, you’re a precious metal recycling company, aren’t you? So why are you writing about investing in bullion bars? You don’t have to test, refine and recycle them, right?”

We have a simple answer. When we see a good investing opportunity, we want you to know about it. And then there’s the fact that we can help you select, buy, store and sell gold bullion bars. So we’re happy to share this advice with you.

Now may be a great time to invest in gold bullion. Image Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Thinkstock.

Now may be a great time to invest in gold bullion. Image Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Thinkstock.

The Advantages of Investing in Gold Bullion

It’s an investment choice that offers important advantages to investors, for a lot of very good reasons . . .

  • A volume buying discount is built into your purchases of bullion. You might not realize that this is the case. But it is, and here is just one example. You can buy one 100-gram PAMP Suisse gold bar from a dealer today for about $3,600. You can also buy 100 little 1-gram Angor-Heraeus gold bars for about $44 apiece, but if you do, you’ll be spending $4,400 for the same amount of gold. It’s because it costs mints about the same amount of money to manufacture, package and ship one bullion bar of any size. So the bigger the gold bar you buy, the cheaper each unit of the precious metal becomes. We can’t think of any other investment that offers that kind of opportunity, can you?
  • No recycling, smelting or refining is required. When you buy bullion bars, you know exactly what you own. Their weight and metallic content is certified – in fact, stamped right on them. You don’t have to send them to us for testing and processing before you know that they are or what they are worth. When you invest in bullion bars, it is truly a case of, “what you see is what you get.”
  • Storing bullion is cost-effective and safe. If you buy an old master painting, somebody can steal it. It can turn out to be a fake. And if you invest in real estate, you need to insure it. It can burn down. You can rent your property out to tenants who don’t pay their rent, so you have to hire costly lawyers who take months to evict them – months while you don’t collect a penny of rent. Bullion doesn’t expose you to any of those costs or unpleasant surprises. You buy it, you store it safely in a safety deposit box in a bank. And guess what? It can’t burn down.
  • Today’s low trading prices make gold bullion a top investment. What could be more straightforward than buying an investment when prices are low and then waiting for prices to rise? It’s the basic principle of investing in stocks, real estate, fine art and lots of other holdings. Where precious metals are concerned, there’s nothing too iffy about applying this strategy right now. The low gold prices are already here, so now is a great time to buy and hold.

Ready to Make a Move to Bullion Investing?

Give us a call at 800-426-2344 to speak with us about making profitable investments in bullion now, when prices are low. We’re ready to show you how investing in gold bars could be a great investment option during calendar year 2015.

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